by Gutter

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released February 2, 2015

recorded and mixed by Ryan Chamberlain in Austin, TX



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Gutter Austin, Texas

Patrick S

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Track Name: Humanoid
suicide is easy
suicide is the answer
a knife, a gun, some rope, a bridge
self inflict your cancer
a quick way out
a slow escape
smoking crack and shooting dope
to life we are the slaves
Track Name: Gutter Fucker
human flesh
and septic stench
contorted man
mangled tangle
of brittle bone
chew on face
while i cram
open sore
i need more
it's a vile addiction
gutter fucker
fetish to explore
add to my collection
it's bright out at three a.m.
fetish to explore
burning eyes and wired grin
burning eyes and wired grin
it's bright outside at three a.m.
gutter fucker
Track Name: Dreaming
bone dry when you stare me straight in the eye
blood red, cut the chord, kill the pain in my head
my body
my spirit on the ground
fucked up and i'm stumbling around
my hate like a
rusted dull blade
hanging memory
blank face
i'm out late
bone dry
blood red
hiding out
in my familiar cage
smoke dope
bad coke
heart beating
i'm dreaming
smoke dope bad coke caught in my own brain
heart beating i'm dreaming caught in my own brain
heart beating
i'm dreaming
Track Name: Cracked
paranoid suspicion
drug induced illusion
cracked up and falling in to
embarrassing fucking pieces
gaping hole for all to look through
nothing to hang on to
point blank pointless hate
in a race
to mask the truth shit melting
in the dead of night
my face my smile
my skin is tight
dead junkie in an alley
hidden from the lights
he's got a face like mine
behind white smoke i recognize
stuffed up in to a corner i was dead and rotting
piss drunk and high